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An Honorable Discharge 48 Years in the Making

Veterans April 15th, 2019

University of Arizona Law Clinic students assist veteran to correct discharge status

Law students at the University of Arizona Veterans Advocacy Law Clinic, a Trust grantee, assisted Vietnam Veteran Johnny Chambers to win an Honorable Discharge 48 years after he received an Undesirable Discharge. Students and staff were able to demonstrate that Mr. Chambers suffered from PTSD related to his service and ultimately filed suit against the Secretary of the Navy to expedite the case. Due to his Undesirable Discharge Mr. Chambers had not been able to use veterans benefits, including VA healthcare, GI Bill, disability benefits, and VA home loans. As a result of his PTSD, discharge status, and lack of access to veteran benefits he struggled with substance abuse, relationships, and unemployment. Ten Law Clinic students worked on the case over the course of three years (10 semesters and 3 summers) under the supervision of licensed attorneys and faculty.

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