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COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a significant challenge to the non-profit sector. The Trustees and staff are grateful for the dedication and commitment of our grantee partners as they have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to support the Trust’s focus populations – Elders, Foster Youth, Adults with Disabilities, and Veterans and Military Families.


In March 2020, the Trust implemented several strategies to quickly support grantees, including Rapid Response Grants, Emergency Funding Grants, and Supplemental Grant Payments, totaling $4,000,000 in extra funding.

The Trust’s 2021 grantmaking budget also included an additional $4,000,000 devoted specifically to pandemic response and recovery, in the form of Fast Grants, Supplemental Grant Payments, One-Time Grants, and Cross-Program Grants.

The Trust’s 2022 grantmaking budget does not include additional funds for COVID relief, however, the Trust remains committed to supporting our grantees as the effects of the pandemic continue to challenge the sector, through routine or one-time grants that address the ongoing effects of the pandemic, flexibility around report and proposal deadlines, adjusting anticipated outcomes, and with streamlined reports and proposals for new grants. Current grantees are encouraged to contact their program officer to discuss any of these resources.

As always, grantees and funder colleagues are encouraged to reach out to our program staff with their questions, updates, thoughts, and creative solutions.

Adults and Transitioning Youth with Disabilities – Jeanine Alpert:

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