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New study reveals risk factors for veterans transitioning to civilian life

December 23rd, 2020

Unique public-private partnership completes five-year evaluation of the transition experience for veterans

Henry M. Jackson Foundation released a summary of key findings from the Veterans Metric Initiative (TVMI). The five-year longitudinal study of more than 9,500 veterans was composed of surveys conducted at six-month intervals from three-months to three-years after transition. TVMI produced insights into the experience of transition that can be used to improve the experience for veterans and their families. Some of the risk factors for failing to make a successful transition to post-military life included: poor financial situation at transition; lack of access to healthcare during transition; lower education level and rank; a combination of PTSD; adverse childhood experiences, depression, anxiety, and moral injury; minority status; women veterans, and low social support. The $8.5+ million study was a public-private partnership, led by HMJF, that included the VA, the Clearing House for Military Family Readiness at Pennsylvania State University, ICF Research. The Trust provided funding for TVMI in partnership with a consortium of funders. TVMI has laid the groundwork for further research including an additional survey round, development of a data repository, and creation of screening tools to identify and offer solutions for veterans at higher risk.

Read an executive summary here:

And more about the TVMI study here: