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First of a Kind Longitudinal Study of Veterans Transitions

Veterans February 7th, 2020

The Veterans Metric Initiative (TVMI), launched in 2016, completed data collection in May 2019.

The Veterans Metric Initiative (TVMI), which was launched by the Henry M. Jackson Foundation (HJF) in 2016, completed data collection in May 2019. The study began by contacting more than 48,000 veterans who were within 90 days of transition 20% of those contacted (9,566) responded to complete the first survey. The research team is now analyzing the information gleaned from six waves surveys of transitioning veterans conducted over three years. TVMI is the first effort of its kind to understand transition from the perspective of currently transitioning veterans, once the research team has completed its work the data will be placed in a data repository so that other researchers can use it to help better understand transition. Veterans reported on the programs they used, the components of which were evaluated to determine effectiveness. Retention of participants was much higher than anticipated, each wave of surveys was filled prior to the end date. The research team included researchers from Pennsylvania State University, the Department of Veterans Affairs, ICF International, and the U.S. Military Academy with HJF functioning as the fiscal sponsor. TVMI was mostly privately funded, VA researchers provided in-kind research support.

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